About Us

About Us

We are a world leader with our unrivaled design expertise in heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning technologies unharmful to our world or to the environment. We are proud to be innovative design engineers capable of coping with the most challenging problems in our field. We have been a solution partner to many leading companies in the world and carried out successful projects.

Evaporatif® cooling systems offer new solutions in the field of economical, sustainable, environmentally friendly, healthy and clean air-conditioning systems needed today in Turkey and in the world. We develop innovative solutions in line with the needs of our customers and produce clean environment products with stationary and portable Evaporatif® coolers to meet the expectations of our customers.

Solutions designed by Evaporatif® provide both climate control and comfort in all industrial sectors, including food and beverage, plastic, automotive, electronics, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and storage specialist environments. We will reduce the operating costs and establish a great working environment that will increase your productivity. We passionately do our job with high quality for you.

What we offer

Thanks to our passion for and consistent efforts in innovation, Evaporatif® is now a true leader in HVAC solutions.

Evaporatif® has been a pioneer in high-tech solutions that protect the environment for more than 12 years. Many of the widely accepted cooling applications were initiated by Evaporatif®. And, they are currently used throughout the industry.

We have been working breathlessly from the very beginning to create a tailored design solution for our customers. We install the latest technologies to provide the most efficient system, and we keep fine-tuning through our full maintenance services to ensure everything runs smoothly 24/7.