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What is Air Quality Control?

Evaporatif®’s Air Quality Control Service is designed to move particles and harmful bacteria away from the air using various mechanical processes.

Smoke Removal

Adequate ventilation in the working environment provides many benefits to indoor buildings working with smoke or in the same environment as smoke. Smoke removal systems are vital to the health and safety of your staff and can help increase the daily productivity rates of your business. Most effective and appropriate dust and smoke removal systems must be installed in closed areas, industrial working ambient air quality control areas, and storage facilities.

Heat Recovery Ventilation

Heat Recovery Ventilation is an important part of all ventilation systems. Your selected ventilation will ensure regulation and control of heat transfer to help you save money and run your business more efficiently.

Professional Support

Evaporatif®’s experienced team of ventilation experts offers systems and scheduled preventive maintenance packages to meet air quality control specifications at food production and storage facilities. Furthermore, Evaporatif®’s service and maintenance department submits full-field system filtration logbooks to ensure filters are maintained regularly and air quality meets the specified design criteria. The smoke removal service at Evaporatif® is built entirely around individual areas and customer needs. Since smoke removal systems vary according to the conditions of the area to be ventilated, our experts will design and implement the most effective system for you.

Air Quality Control

Evaporatif®’s all air quality control systems come with Local Exhaust Ventilation, which ensures safe and proper production and storage environments by making the air free from harmful bacteria. Evaporatif® has become specialized in providing air quality ventilation services, especially for the food production and storage industries.