What is Evaporative Cooling?

What is Evaporative Cooling?

Evaporative cooling is based on the principle that water evaporates and takes heat from the air. While evaporating, water draws heat from the air causing the air to cool.

A simple example of evaporative cooling is when one goes out of the pool or shower and feels chillness with the effect of the breeze around you and evaporation of water from your body.

Evaporatif® is designed inspired by a natural process such as sea breeze.

Sea breeze carries fresh and cool air.

Sea breeze is fresh because it carries warm air along the surface of the water, and this air movement vaporizes some water and it absorbs heat, resulting in a clean, cool and healthy air source.

Evaporatif® ensures a continuous flow of fresh, natural, and cool air without using any environmentally hazardous gas.

Compared to the conventional coolers, evaporative coolers are more advantageous;


  • They provide fresh, cooled and filtered air to the atmosphere,
  • Smoke expels suspended dust particles and odors,
  • As the temperature increases, cooling efficiency and capacity increase,
  • They consume low energy, and they are more economic (up to 90%) compared to conventional systems,
  • Lower initial and ongoing costs – up to 50% less on purchase -may reduce the maintenance and repair cost by more than fifty percent,
  • They are easy to install and require minimum maintenance,
  • They reduce static electricity,
  • They provide cooling when doors and windows are open,
  • They are useful for allergy and asthma patients due to the moisture in the air they blow, and
  • They contain no contain harmful gas.

Quality cooling with a natural and eco-friendly solution

Unfortunately today, climate change has a negative impact on our lives in many ways. Hot weather conditions reduce the quality and work efficiency of working environments. Evaporatif® cooling technologies now manage to change the ideal indoor need in every way to establish healthy working environments. Thanks to the eco-friendly and sustainable technologies it has developed, it consumes less energy and water compared to conventional air conditioners and causes lower CO2 emissions. We use recyclable materials with the intent to leave a livable and clean future for the next generations.

Reduce the carbon footprint of your business.

In the world, conventional air-conditioning methods, which unfortunately contain dangerous cooling gases and recirculate air used in indoor spaces, are very common. Outdated devices with high energy consumption and high CO2 emissions are dangerous for our environment. The evaporative cooling method is based on the principle of natural force formed by the evaporation of water. It is surely reasonable to copy Mother Nature, but it is not easy to make this principle feasible in large buildings or in a wide variety of climatic conditions. At this point, Evaporatif®’s innovations step in.

Quality indoor air

Until recently, there was no economical way to comfortably cool and ventilate large areas and commercial buildings in our territory. Hot climatic conditions were negatively affecting the performance in workplaces and were not conforming to the working regulations. Every employer has an ethical and legal duty to provide their employees with quality air and climate conditions in their workplaces. However, due to high costs, many businesses fail to provide proper or required ventilation and air-conditioning. At this point, Evaporatif® offers eco-friendly and affordable solutions.

Evaporatif® improves air-conditioning concentration

As reported by Scientific America, US researchers Amar Cheena and Vanessa M. Patrick studied the effect of heat on decision-making and concluded that the human body uses more glucose, the main source of physical and mental energy, to cool down in 2012. In hot conditions, the body consumes an amount of glucose that could be used for cognitive processes. In other words, your body works hard to avoid overheating and cannot concentrate on other non-vital tasks. When using an evaporative air-conditioner, the mind can focus on tasks rather than survival.

Effective in combating virus and bacteria

Upon request, indoor air can be cleaned out of dangerous viruses and bacteria thanks to a special filter system. Likewise, it also prevents possible penetration of dust and bacteria.

Proper and quality investment

Compared to conventional air-conditioning projects, Evaporatif® brand designs special projects with its innovative products for your workplace with 80 percent lower investment and operating costs.